Singapore. The absolute final blog.


Who could resist these fabulous clouds.

Naz was waiting for me at the airport and it was great to see her there. I had totally forgotten how steamy Singapore is, and I was already dripping when we got outside. I had also forgotten that Naz and Matt don't have a car, so Naz had taxied over to meet me. She then insisted on paying for the taxi to get to my hotel.

The hotel is huge by Perth standard but not by Singapore's. It is thirty floors high and I am on the tenth floor. The entrance is very grand and everyone is given the same greeting. Bags are taken to be delivered to one's room, doors are opened and the concierge offers any assistance needed.


The hotel. I found the room to be very luxurious with a lovely bathroom and massive bed. It even has tea and coffee makings. Plus a huge TV and nice lamps to light the room. Even at the full price it is not as expensive as some here. It is the first hotel I have stayed in where I can hear nothing from rooms above or next door.

When Naz left I showered and sorted through clothes as the clothing I had on were now all sweaty. Then I decided to try for a sleep as I just could sleep on the plane due to this darned irritable leg problem. We had planned to meet at the Boat Quay for a meal at six. I had just drifted off when the phone rang. It was the IT person wanting to know if I needed help getting on the wifi. No I assured him we had worked it out. I finally managed to fall asleep again when the phone rang. It was the concierge wanting to know if the IT person had been in contact with me yet. Yes, I said and all is working now. In all I managed about two hours sleep.

It looks much better than this in real life.

The view over the side: An artist's impression shows the Skypark that tops the Marina Bay Sands hotel towers, including the infinity pool

This is the most astounding piece of architecture I have ever seen. ( I stole the picture) it is called the Sky Park and is at the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel Towers. It is worth a google. Just indescribable even for a wordsmith like moi.

I taxied over to the Quay area, which is quite a way from here and I could not believe the difference in the buildings which I think I last saw in 2001. We had a nice meal at an Indian restaurant after which Naz and Matt gave me a bit of a tour. Matt left us around nine to take a business call and Naz and I went for a mini tour.

Not very clear but at the top you can just make out the Sky Park. This is opposite where we ate.

The Merlion.

This hotel is about four hundred plus a night.

Nice sculpture of boys jumping in the river.

Matt and Naz

One of the restaurants at the Fullerton Hotel.

This is a canal within the Sands complex.

Where you can hire one of these gondolas and be paddled through the complex.

Rodins, The Thinker.

The whole area over here is absolute opulence with all the top designers such as Channel, and all the other big names. Given that it is so very very high end nobody seems to care about a dress code so it was quite nice to stroll around in casuall bliss mixing with the posh and not so posh.

Prices in Singapore are very high, and not as it once was. My short, but too far to walk, taxi ride was ten dollars going to the Quay, and thirteen to get back. Once back doors were opened and greetings given. There is about eight lifts to accommodate the many floors. I mentioned on my way in that one of the powers points was loose. Within seconds of being in my room, a handyman was at the door, and power point fixed.

Tomorrow I shall meet Naz for lunch and a quick look at China Town. Then back to her condominium for a paddle in their pool and a visit with the kids, before heading off to the airport. Then finally back in Perth just before midnight. I am now about to slide into these beautiful Egyption sheets, with the devine soft pillows, and the blissfully silence until I wake up. Mmmmmmm!

This is really the end.



4 thoughts on “Singapore. The absolute final blog.

  1. I have loved your blog and it was fun for me to relive the Camino again. I hope you settle in okay once you are home again.The first thing I did was go through my drawers and throw away stuff I no longer wanted. The Camino makes you very minimilist.
    Enjoy Singapore. I love it there.
    Buen Camino and all the best. It will always be with you.

  2. Thanks for a very interesting and comprehensive blog. I looked forward to it each day. I am glad you are safe and sound and have had an amazing adventure. Well done, cara! Enjoy the indulgence and luxury of Singapore. Safe journey home.x

  3. I loved your blog Trish! Why end? I’d love to see your impressions of home after being away, about your life after walking the camino. You’re funny and interesting, I always look forward reading it! Rethink the “end” part! 🙂

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