Is this a bad movie?


How do I get into these situations? All I wanted was a nice room near the Parc Guell so I could see the Gaudy park and bus or train into the city at will. Well, I am near the park, but oh, my what a place. The ad on airbnb in so misleading. The apartment is a dump, and is really old but without any charm. Mine host speaks F all English though he does try to be helpful. He has a friend living here too, who at this moment is sitting right outside my bedroom door having his dinner and listening to the radio. I thought it was my own little spot. Ha ha ha.

I asked Donato about restaurants earlier and for that I need to go back down to Leseps. I need to walk down as the bus doesn't come this way, but I can get the bus back up!

It turns out that I could use the kitchen here, but I have nothing to cook, and if I did I don't think I would. The kitchen looks like a harbour for unnamed species. He doesn't even have a kettle, but a dented saucepan has been offered. I can use the existing coffee percolator if I wish. I think it came from the ark.

At about seven thirty the skies opened, lighting flashed and thunder clapped making it impossible to walk anywhere. I asked Donato if he could ring me a taxi. He looked shocked that I didn't want to walk. He had not noticed the change in the weather. Then with the help of translater and lots of guess work he suggested as I was catching a taxi I should go into Gracia which is better. Now I had no idea about Gracia, so I decided to go as it was about only four ks further than Leseps.

If only I had known earlier about this place. It is so civilised I felt like I had been transported to a different time. The restaurants are ready to serve meals at any time. I went to a lovely Serbian one where the staff were so friendly it was amazing. The food was lovely, and they had about twenty deserts to choose from. Not, flan, yoghurt or Santiago tart! The fellow there says the town is famous for its Celtic history. Will look it up one day. Then I taxied back. Twenty six euros for meal and taxis. Oh, after dinner I was given a complimentary mint tea with a small baklava. I think I could walk there, but would need to taxi back.

So, knowing I can't stay in this godforsaken place I went online searching for something in the city. Well except for hugely expensive places everything is booked out. I ended up booking three nights for 110 a night. Hotel Rembrandt and I have to share a bathroom! God, I miss my little Hotel Windsor. Then I read more reviews as the first one sounded great. Sadly it has terrible reviews. I went back and searched some more and found a hostel with a six bed female only dorm. It looked good and the reviews were all plus plus plus. Right, that was much cheaper so I went to cancel the above hotel only to find there would be a cancellation fee of 90€, seems I can't win. Well no matter how bad it is, at least I can get out and about while there, not be stuck in a room with nada to do.

Tomorrow come rain or hail, I am going up to the Parc Guell to see the amazing Gaudy creations. I shall take a packed lunch and disappear for the day.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a happy day to report. ( the friend who is staying here is very sweet, but it's a little disconcerting having him right next door).

Bye bye 😦 😦

2 thoughts on “Is this a bad movie?

  1. Dear oh dear, what a nightmare for you. It sounds like a script for a Monty Python movie. I hope tomorrow is better for you and you finally get to see Gaudi’s park. Keep calm and keep smiling. xx

  2. Thanks for the video? Glad you told me to click on.What a feast of colour it all is.Certainly masses to see. I really look forward to the daily news, read it every morning. Cheers again..Mum xx
    PS Your legs are doing a wonderful job.The paths look like Albany.Everywhere is a steep climb.

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