8.35 flying to Barcelona. Monday.

So far 'fiasco' is the only word which comes to mind at the moment.

I got to the line to check in and after two or three people had been checked, and I was next, the girl points to the next desk and leaves. With that, a fellow at the end of the line dashes down and gets to the desk in front of us. The little lady next to me was rolling her eyes, and starting to panic as she kept saying “Valencia Valencia.” Her flight was boarding. The girl now serving had a face to turn milk sour, and ignored her. Finally I pointed to me and the other two close behind me and said to misery guts, “uno, dos,tres!” Then pointed to the rude man and then the back of the line. She just shrugged. With that every one in my queue joined in with pointing at rude man. One fellow even started to yell at him. He totally ignored us and continued loading his five pieces of luggage onto the conveyer belt.

Naturally I let the little lady go before me, and she was very effusive in her thanks. My turn and my little occy strap got caught as I was trying to take it off my back pack when misery guts shot the conveyer belt forward. Then she reversed it, but didn't turn it off in time and it nearly shot onto the floor! The young Spanish girl next to me grabbed it in time.

There was no gate number on the ticket and as I was peering at the departure board, the girl from the queue came up and said I needed gate 15. She then commented on the rude man, and that she had felt like hitting him. I said I had felt the same. She then commented on the girl serving us and at that she was also very rude and,” not good job for her I think”.

Once on board I have the aisle seat, and a giant had the middle seat. When the person came to claim the window seat, the giant virtually spread across both of us. I actually could not move my right arm. He then calls the stewardess and gets moved to a fire exit seat. Phew!

Here is the inflight menu.



Hopefully I can go two hours without a snack. I have a Kit Kat in my bag. So far the head steward has advertised the food menu three time.

Now close to ten and the advertising for food, perfume, cosmetics, etc has been called every ten minutes. In all my flights, both short and long I have never heard such spruking! It is at top volume too.


Boy! I must have killed a China man. The directions to where I am staying were a little vague. 'Get off the airport train and take the metro L3 and get out at Lesseps station. Walk five minutes to house.' Firstly no idea where to get off the airport bus, as four stations are preceded by the word Barcelona. An American fellow said to get off where he did as I could get the metro anywhere. Then I had to find the metro which was a good block away from where I got off the train. Finally get to Lesseps and there is about six roads going off in all directions. I asked a woman in a bedding shop which was Albigesos street. She pointed and said I would never get there in five minutes and that it was very, very steep. My pack is now on its little wheels, but still heavy. There is a bus, but the idea of catching a bus after traveling for three hours already, was not an option. I caught a taxi. Steep? My god, it was ridiculous. The taxi was in first gear and the street went around several bends. I finally got here and no one home. Fortunately a friend of mine host was coming out, so he rang Donato and he came back in ten minutes. I then had to carry my pack up three flights of stairs. No offer of help.

The room itself is all right, though very dated, but I seem to be in the middle of nowhere and no little shops nearbye. Donato has pointed up the road to where there are shops around the corner, and now it's raining so I shall have to get out the boots and umbrella again.

Up and down the street.

Uninspiring view.

I chose this area as it is supposed to lovely, but I guess that's around near the actuall Parc Guell itself. Frankly I don't think this fellow should have put that on as part of his address which on airbnb he has it as “bright room Parc Guell”

I shall visit the park tomorrow (Which Gaudi designed). Then I shall make a decision on whether to stay here. Things might look brighter then. The lack of cafés around here will no doubt decide me.

Chaya just Skyped me, and has suggested I move into Barcelona where they stayed. It was in the old city but very nice, and close to all attractions. This room of course is paid for and I won't get a refund, but better I think, to be happy. I have emailed the fellow where they stayed to find out the cost of a single room.

I will end this now, and update on progress tomorrow.

😦 😦


5 thoughts on “8.35 flying to Barcelona. Monday.

  1. Go to Catalunya plaza. Near everything . Short walk to where we stayed in Hotel Cortes or across the small street Santa Ana is Hotel Catalunya. Las Ramblas next street. (1km pedestrian street) There are also cheap backpacker places around there. X

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  2. Hi Trish. For some reason I can’t send emails from Ireland! Linda told me about Hostal Jordi? Very close to Sagrada Famiglia. Don’t know if they have any vacancies though.

  3. Good luck with your accommodation. I hope it works out okay for you. It is no fun being away from the action. The old city is great, if busy.

  4. What a runaround! The actual camino must be looking like a breeze after all the inefficient bureaucracy and rude people you are encountering now. Good luck with your accommodation in Barcelona.x

  5. I do hope you have something decent at last, third time lucky.What a nightmare.Awful when they dont know your language.Fingers crossed for you.Good luck in the park anyway.from Mum xx

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